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Epiroc is offering customers conversion kits to seamlessly transform loaders from diesel-powered to battery-electric driven.

Evolution Mining has ordered the conversion of two diesel-powered Scooptram ST1030 machines for use at its gold mine in Red Lake, Canada.

“Converting existing diesel machines to battery electric will be a smart and cost-efficient alternative for mining companies that want to electrify their operations,” Epiroc president and chief executive Helena Hedblom said.

“It will be an important part as we together continue the drive toward emissions-free operations.”

Conversion kits for other machines will follow, including for the Scooptram ST14 loader which is already being tested as a converted version.

Epiroc has expanded its proven battery offering and zero-emission underground fleet with the second generation in loaders, mine trucks and rigs for face drilling, production drilling and rock reinforcement.

A battery-driven electric fleet brings savings on maintenance, ventilation and cooling, as one of the biggest expenditures in many mining operations is the cost of ventilation related to the use of diesel, and with electric machinery that cost can be cut by at least half.

Converting to battery-electric provides the opportunity to lessen the environmental footprint and create a healthier work environment for miners everywhere.

The new battery power-packs comply with CE standards and have a built-in, multi-layer safety system, from cell design to a deformation zone.

Epiroc will offer a quick turnaround time for the conversion, which is included in a midlife rebuild and puts machines back on site ready for heightened performance without unnecessary disruptions to production.