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The Sandvik Toro TH551i truck.

Sandvik has offered the 16-litre Stage V engine for the Toro TH551i mining truck, adding power and reducing emissions for mines to future-proof operations.

The new engine option has an output of 560 kilowatts, an improvement on the Tier 4i predecessor at 515 kilowatts.

This high-powered option is intended to reduce cycle times for busy mines and a range of technologies ensure it doesn’t impact on the environment.

“Instead of fitting the truck with a diesel particulate filter, other means are utilised to reduce emissions,” Sandvik stated.

“The truck exhaust after treatment system contains a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) that uses diesel exhaust fluid to reduce emissions of nitrous oxide without sacrificing performance or fuel efficiency.”

In addition, the Toro TH551i can use paraffinic diesel to meet EN 15940 standard for diesel particulates.

This standard has not yet been adopted in Australia, but could be adopted in preparation for future regulations.

The Toro TH551i comes with added features to improve component longevity such as Sandvik’s operator speed assist.

“For improved safety and easier operation specifically in downhill driving…the speed assist function can be set to limit the truck top speed automatically, allowing the operator to focus on driving,” Sandvik stated.

“As the engine brake is used as the primary speed control, the operator speed assist reduces brake wear. Engine wear is also reduced since engine RPMs are maintained on the optimal level.”

The TH551i was introduced in 2017 and has undergone a number of improvements in the years since.

This has included a new transmission to increase productivity, reliability and reduce operating costs.

Sandvik has also updated the vehicle’s automation capabilities, as it is also becoming a necessity in the modern mine.