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RPMGlobal has spent more than 50 years developing software solutions to optimise the world’s mining operations.

RPMGlobal has developed its mining simulation platform in partnership with major mining companies to include hybrid vehicles powered by green hydrogen or hybrid diesel.

The mining software company recognised the growth of its HAULSIM and SIMULATE technologies which provide resources companies with the foresight to understand how to optimise their operations.

These companies can now model the use of hybrid-powered scenarios, proving particularly useful for those looking to decarbonise mining.

RPMGlobal chief executive officer Richard Mathews said the time was perfect for companies to take on this kind of technology.

“RPM is experiencing a significant increase in organisations needing to measure and quantify the financial and emission benefits of utilising electric, hydrogen or hybrid diesel alternatives to their traditional diesel fleet,” Mathews said.

“The global decarbonisation effort has certainly created demand for RPM’s unique simulation solutions that can assist with answering questions that you simply can’t answer in a spreadsheet.”

Both HAULSIM and SIMULATE rely on a discrete event simulation (DES) engine which was tailor-made for the mining industry.

Typical applications for this software include measuring changes to haulage networks, road rules, mine layouts and vehicle modification.

The latest update to RPMGlobal’s software suite also develops its understand of interactions between autonomous vehicles, as such technology becomes imperative for the success of the modern mine.

Training in the use of this software is also offered for free to anyone involved with the Charge On Innovation Challenge which has seen 21 mining companies combined to develop systems for electrification.

The preliminary phase of entry and sign-up saw 350 companies joins the challenge as vendors who will pitch their ideas to companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale.

“Any of the companies involved in the Charge On Innovation Challenge simply need to get in touch with us and we will organise access to HAULSIM along with its online user training,” Mathews said.

With so many companies becoming involved in the challenge, this will only increase the deployment of RPMGlobal’s software suite, allowing for further improvements in the future.