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The Brazilian government has selected the TSX-listed Belo Sun’s Volta Grande gold project for its investment partnership programme (PPI), which supports projects that are deemed as strategic mineral projects for the country.

The programme was created last year to support companies involved in the exploration and mining of a variety of commodities, including gold, iron-ore and battery metals, such as lithium, cobalt and nickel.

“We are pleased that our Volta Grande Gold Project was selected by this important new initiative of the Brazilian government. It confirms the importance of sustainable, environmentally responsible and socially responsible projects and the importance these projects have to all stakeholders, including the local communities, municipalities, state and federal governments,” said president and CEO Peter Tagliamonte.

The inter-Ministerial committee for the analysis of strategic minerals projects will be responsible for supporting the projects selected for the PPI. The committee comprises the Brazilian Mines and Energy Ministry, the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency, the PPI and the Special Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency.