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The second Panamax-class vessel with 66,000 tonnes of American coal for the DTEK Energy TPPs has arrived in Ukraine, the vessel was moored at berth No. 20 of the TIS port (TransInvestService, which operates in the water area of the Pivdenny seaport), DTEK said on Sunday.

“In the coming days, coal will replenish the reserves of our thermal power plants and will ensure the stability of the Ukrainian energy system during peak periods,” DTEK Energy CEO Ildar Saleev was quoted as saying in the company’s report.

According to him, DTEK has contracted seven shiploads of coal from the United States and Colombia with a total volume of 470,000 tonnes. The first of them, contracted for PJSC Centrenergo, arrived at the end of November, three more are expected during December, and the rest in January.

The company said that the total volume of coal contracted to date from Poland, Kazakhstan and the United States is 900,000 tonnes.

“DTEK will continue negotiations on additional coal volumes,” the company said.