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Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec has secured more than 100 life cycle services (LCS) agreements during 2021, covering process support and optimisation, sustainable wears, spares, and service solutions.

The minerals processing manufacturer reported that 90 per cent of its LCS agreements in 2021 were in the minerals segment, while 10 per cent were in aggregates.

Metso Outotec head of integrated services solutions Annami Toukoniitty said the growth in the company’s LCS business unit displayed a desire for increased cost efficiency across the industry.

“Our customers are increasingly interested in getting the most out of their valuable assets. The agreements are customisable to meet each customer’s unique needs,” Toukoniitty said.

“We are continuously expanding the LCS offering to new technologies; the latest launch was four progressive LCS programs for filtration, and we will soon introduce new technology specific packages for mining customers.”

The company wouldn’t disclose the total value of the 100 plus orders, but did declare it had more than 500 LCS agreements currently active in the global mining and aggregates sectors.

Elsewhere at Metso Outotec, the company introduced the next generation of its Circored process for the direct reduction of iron ore fines in the steelmaking process.

Circored uses hydrogen as a reducing agent instead of carbon from fossil fuels like coal, improving the environmental sustainability of the process.

Metso Outotec vice president of ferrous and heat transfer Attaul Ahmad said the company loved to innovate with processes integral to the mining supply chain.

“We are very excited about the Circored process. It is an emissions- and cost-efficient alternative to traditional steelmaking routes” Ahmad said.

“This innovative process eliminates the need for costly and energy intensive pelletising, and its functionality and performance have been proven in an industrial-scale demonstration plant.”