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The residents on Tuesday staged a protest against the closure of coalmines in Ublan area in lower part of Orakzai and asked the district administration to lift ban on coal mining forthwith.

The residents belonging to the Bezotkhel tribe in the lower part of Orakzai tribal district said that it was beyond understanding as to why the district administration imposed a ban on coal mining.

Addressing the protestors, elders including Malik Ghulam Habib, Zarmela Khan, Malang Jan, Muhammad Mir, Malik Asharaf, Malik Yousaf and others said that assistant commissioner Lower Orakzai had sealed the leased coalmines of Bezotkhel tribe in Ublan area without assigning any reason.

They said that it was an injustice with the local residents, which would be resisted at all costs.

They urged the district administration to lift the ban on coalmining so they could earn livedoid for their families.

The elders also asked the district administration to settle the boundary dispute between the Muhammadzai and Bezotkhel tribes.