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CBC’s expert on Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives, Steve Hittmann, said that CBC always has its ear to the ground to understand and cater to evolving customer needs.

To that end, Hittmann noted that the Gates range of high-performance belts for the mining sector leads the way in terms of innovative products for varying and complex mining applications.

Take, for instance, the new Gates PowerGrip GT4 synchronous belt – which he said incorporates the best in materials science for belt design.

“Many HTD belts are not strong enough, while common V-belts don’t deliver the drive efficiency required for optimised operations,” Hittmann said. “The PowerGrip GT4 has a compact, high precision drive, and is perfect for applications in hazardous explosive areas requiring a static conductive rated belt.”

The GT4 is maintenance free, creates low noise and vibrations, has greater capacity for narrower drive designs, and is abrasion resistant with a longer lifespan. And because it is static conductive to ISO 9563 specification – and fully operational in a wide range of temperatures (-40°C to +120°C, with intermittent use up to 140°C) – it is well suited to hazardous explosive areas, according to Hittmann.

But the GT4 is only one of several high-performance belts supplied by premium distribution partner Gates for CBC’s customer-tailored mining solutions.

Gates product manager – Power Transmission, Rosynes Hernandez, said that there was a lot of exciting innovation coming out of the United States and Europe with relevance for the Australian market.

“Gates and CBC frequently work together to do joint site calls to assess drive designs,” Hernandez said. “We have reps in every state in Australia and regularly go to mining and quarrying sites to assess new potential applications. Together with CBC we are always looking for new ways to innovate and grow.”

So, what are the key advantages that Gates brings to the table in the Australian mining context?