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Micromine has further expanded its suite of digital mining products with Micromine Nexus, a web-based platform that offers a central, secure and streamlined data storage solution for mining projects.

The company developed Nexus in response to customer feedback and built it to be scalable, customisable, user-friendly, and able to satisfy data security and regulation requirements.

Micromine chief strategy and product officer Kiril Alampieski said Nexus epitomised the company as it enables those in the resources sector to get the most from their mining.

“By bringing users, data and technology together, we can help mining organisations build end-to-end digital processes and enable completely new transformative business models,” Alampieski said.

“We want to enable clients to use their data to accelerate smart decision making, maximise business opportunities and meet the challenges of delivering a sustainable future.”

The last 12 months have seen Micromine expand to become an end-to-end solution from greenfield exploration to mine scheduling and management.

“The solution helps clients overcome the challenges of manual management that often lead to unstructured, redundant and discrepant master data,” the company stated on the usefulness of Nexus.

“Users can also stay on top of key activities with integrated task management tools and automated notifications, ensuring clear, structured and repeatable workflows.”

Alampieski said Nexus was just another piece of the puzzle as Micromine solidifies its capability across the mining timeline.

“The launch of Micromine Nexus delivers substantial and immediate benefits to the way clients manage project data and collaboration, while also progressing our longer-term vision for building a fully-connected ecosystem,” he said

In 2021, Micromine acquired Precision Mining and its mine scheduling software, Spry.

Less than three months later, Micromine added another scheduling software, Alastri, to its ranks which chief executive officer Andrew Birch said was a massive achievement for the company.

“Rather than starting from scratch, and building products in competition, we are looking for best in class companies that have proven products and want to grow,” Birch said.

“MICROMINE’s international footprint, with more than 2,000 sites in 90 countries, represents 35 years of growth and investment that is very difficult for new companies to emulate.

“This way, we bring new products to our clients faster, and give great Australian technology the opportunity to flourish, with the backing of our global distribution, implementation and support teams.”