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Clean energy developer Pure Hydrogen has inked a binding collaboration and licence term sheet with French technology company Plenesys to commercialise that company’s HyPlasma process as part of plans to manufacture turquoise hydrogen.

The collaboration will start with a pilot plant in Brisbane, which will be commissioned within the next 12 months, followed by full commercial scale modules in Australia, Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.

Pure Hydrogen said on Monday that the company had built considerable expertise in methane pyrolysis hydrogen production, which when combined with HyPlasma, would use Plenesys’ patented A/C plasma torch to convert methane to hydrogen and value-add solid carbon products.

Under the agreement, Pure Hydrogen would have exclusive rights to commercialise the HyPlasma process in Australia, as well as other South East Asian countries and Southern Africa, for an initial ten-year period, with options to extend this exclusivity period and to add new regions.

“Turquoise hydrogen is a cleaner use of natural gas, and graphene has many emerging applications in electronics and high-strength, light-weight materials, which is particularly important in the production of batteries, electronic equipment, fabrication and building materials,” said Pure Hydrogen MD Scott Brown.

“Our initial programme is focused on demonstrating and refining the process, before commencing commercial scale operations. It is no doubt there is significant upside for the technology globally.”