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CDE new AquaCycle A2500 Thickener.

CDE has launched its new AquaCycle A2500 thickener, the latest addition to its top-of-the-line water management and recycling systems.

The AquaCycle A2500 has been developed in response to calls from materials processors operating in high-tonnage markets for water management solutions equipped to supply their operations with sufficient water supplies while ensuring optimal production efficiency, minimum loss of fines and maximum water recycling.

CDE regional manager for Australasia Daniel Webber said it is increasingly important for materials processors to invest in an effective water management system that ensures a steady supply of clean water to their plants through cost-effective means.

“The continued advancement of our pioneering wet processing solutions and leading-edge water management systems is supporting operators working in the natural processing and waste recycling sectors worldwide to overcome the challenges of washing in water-pressured or water-scarce areas today,” he said.

With a tank diameter of 20 metres and a weight of 88 tonnes when empty and 1150 tonnes when full, the A2500 features a small footprint whilst packing a punchy 2500m³/hour and a solids capacity of 125 tonnes/hour.

The A2500 is an alternative to water extraction from natural sources and the costly process of pumping water to the plant, and like the full AquaCycle range, significantly reduces costly water consumption by ensuring up to 90 per cent of process water is recycled for immediate recirculation.

The development of the new A2500 delivers all the benefits of CDE’s existing AquaCycle range on a much larger scale.

“It responds directly to the needs of materials processors operating in high tonnage markets,” Webber said.

“These operations, primarily in the areas of C&D (construction and demolition) waste, specialist sands and heavily clay-bound aggregates, require higher volumes of water resources; they need flexible water management systems with the capacity to supply their operations without compromising on footprint; and they need a system that can deliver this in a way that improves efficiency, driving down operational costs to maximise profitability and enable fast return on investment.

“These are the guiding principles that underscore the design and development of the new A2500.”