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Epiroc’s new Explorac RC30 Smart automation-focused reverse circulation drilling machine boasts increased capabilities in productivity and safety features.

With the latest RCS architecture, advanced hands-free functionality and increased pullback capacity, the Explorac RC30 Smart ensures unparalleled operator safety through the entire drilling process while maximising productivity.

It provides 30 tonnes of pullback capacity to deliver the metres of drill depth necessary to satisfy the contractual demands of drillers today.

The automated rod hand ling system offers the capability for a single operator to seamlessly add and remove rods from the drill string from the surface all the way to target depth.

Numerous smart features, including feed beam centralisers with variable grip force and an advanced breakout system with automatic application of thread grease, help maximise the life of drilling consumables and dramatically increase operator safety.

Epiroc surface division global product manager Cole Carpenter said the company had listened to the market and pushed to reach the high level of automation which drilling companies require.

“Today, both big and small operations must meet a high safety level —and automation simply removes personnel from dangerous environments,” he said.

“Explorac RC30 Smart improves productivity and safety in exploration drilling operations, being highly automated, reliable and ready for the future.

“We have made improvements in both functionality, automation and safety — continuing our focus on being an industry leader in the development of sustainable reverse circulation drilling products.”

The Explorac RC30 Smart architecture also has been designed for long-term scaling of rig features and functionality. As a result, the machine configuration can be tailored for the application while maximising customers’ return of investment throughout the life of the machine.

“Ultimately, we have made the investment at Epiroc to ensure that Explorac RC30 Smart provides maximum efficiency for drillers in the field today, and we will continue that focus in providing long term solutions for generations to come,” Carpenter said.

Explorac RC30 Smart will be available for orders in Australia later this year.