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Epiroc’s SmartROC T35 surface drill rig, which Skanska will field test in battery-electric version

Epiroc has entered an agreement with Skanska Industrial Solutions AB to trial the first ever tophammer battery-electric rig in Sweden. This trial marks a significant milestone in the journey towards zero emissions drilling in surface mines and quarries all over the world.

“This is a proud day. For many years we have been leading the development in lowering fuel consumption within tophammer drilling. With this new solution we are taking a giant leap in the low emissions field – we are practically removing emissions from the actual drilling process,“
says Ulf Gyllander, Product Manager tophammer drill rigs, Epiroc Surface division.

The design of the rig is based on the well-proven SmartROC T35 surface drill rig. In combination with invaluable experience gained from the development of Epiroc underground battery rigs, this SmartROC T35 E is designed to enhance the environmental standards of quarries and larger construction sites. Besides the low emissions, this rig comes with a range of smart features, options and enhanced automation solutions for high safety, reliability, and performance.

“With this achievement we show that the innovations of Epiroc will play a significant role in the shift to low-carbon operations within quarries and large construction applications,” says Jose M. Sanchez, President Epiroc Surface division. “As our sustainability agenda goes hand in hand with those of our customers, we are very pleased to be collaborating with Skanska Industrial Solutions AB in the trials of this important solution.”

The tests will commence in September 2022 in one of Skanska Industrial Solution’s quarries in the Stockholm area:

“A milestone has been reached and a new opportunity has come to reduce our climate impact. I am very happy about the long collaboration between Epiroc and Skanska, and it is exciting to be able to do this project together. Both companies have set bold environmental goals – this project really takes a great step towards Skanska´s goal of being completely climate neutral by 2045, which is an important part of our promise to build a better society”
, says Johan Eliasson, Project Manager, Skanska Industrial Solutions AB.

Peter Beckman, Business Line Manager, Epiroc Customer Center Sweden comments:
“Skanska is a perfect partner for this trial as they have their own quarries which are fitted with the infrastructure required to handle the operation of this new technology. I am looking forward to following this exciting project during the coming months.”

The SmartROC T35 E rig is equipped with both a battery and an electric cable, which improves flexibility considerably. You can choose to drill with the most suitable alternative for the location and occasion. It also allows for quick and smooth transportation in and between sites.

The surface drill rig is fitted with the same type of well-proven batteries and subcomponents as in the Epiroc underground battery solutions. This streamlines spare parts handling and service for customers with several different operations.