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Worsley Alumina. Image: South32

Stakeholders and community groups will be given an additional two weeks to comment on a proposal by South32 to expand its mining activities in Peel and the South West.

The Worsley Mine Expansion – Revised Proposal is currently being assessed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This includes an eight-week opportunity – currently underway on the EPA’s website – to provide feedback on the project’s environmental review.

However, the EPA has determined that the documents should be made available for an additional two weeks from August 16.

EPA Chair Professor Matthew Tonts said the volume of review documents, combined with the need to understand the unique biodiversity and complex cumulative impacts of proposals in the Northern Jarrah Forest, justified the decision to extend the consultation.

“The complexity of the environmental impact assessment means there are nearly 4700 pages of documents to review,” he said. “Taking the unusual step to grant additional time for feedback will ensure fair and constructive input to the EPA process.”

The proposal includes the continued operations and expansion of the existing mining area and the development of a bauxite transport corridor at the Boddington bauxite mine, as well as contingency mining and maintenance activities at the Worsley refinery. It includes the clearing of 4399ha of native vegetation and fauna habitat.

The additional two-week consultation will be open from August 16-29 on the EPA’s Consultation Hub. Stakeholders who have already made a submission do not need to do so again. Duplicates will not be considered.