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Already recognised as the most reliable and cost-effective boom automation and remote operation system on the market, Total Rockbreaking Solutions’ BoomSafe has been proven over many years and many installations to be strong, reliable and durable.

This is absolutely critical for challenging mining environments such as in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Smart boom technology improves safety and drives productivity

Safety is a primary objective for all modern mines and increasingly, mine operators are turning to technology and remote operation to reduce exposure to risk for operators and nearby personnel.

TRS BoomSafe has been developed specifically for hydraulic boom systems to provide safe and reliable remote operation, incorporating automated movements and advanced collision prevention to improve the safety of any fixed pedestal boom system.

Featuring easy onsite customisation, BoomSafe will help reduce downtime as movement sequences can be configured and modified by site-based maintenance staff using the user-friendly touchscreen. Operators can execute automated movements with a single press of a button, improving speed and precision.

With TRS BoomSafe, users can set the direction, acceleration, maximum speed, and minimum creep speed for each joint of the hydraulic boom independently.

This level of control enhances the boom system’s performance, enhances ease of operation for local and remote operators and reduces unnecessary wear and tear on mechanical components.

Collision prevention

At the heart of BoomSafe is an automated collision prevention system allowing maintenance staff to set up a safe work area where the boom is allowed to operate.

All commands from either the local radio control or remote operation station are supervised by BoomSafe to avoid damage to the boom and surrounding infrastructure, preventing all movements which would result in the boom moving outside the designated safe work area.

Additionally, BoomSafe’s unique ‘operator assist’ function automatically corrects and adjusts the human operator-initiated movements to direct the boom back into the safe work area instead of halting the boom operation and requiring further operator intervention to continue.

Remote operation

BoomSafe’s remote operation feature allows operators to control all of their network-connected rockbreaker boom systems from a single workstation – a truly multi-operation solution.

Remote operators can execute automated movements such as ‘park’, ‘deploy’, ‘tool replacement position’ and ‘hammer change position’ with a single button press, improving speed and precision.

For example, when parking on a small platform, BoomSafe reduces the chance of equipment damage that could easily be caused by operator fatigue or error.

About Total Rockbreaking Solutions

Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS) is a wholly Western Australian owned company, focused entirely on the design, sales and service of hard rock mining boom systems, hydraulic power units and a large range of specialist hydraulic attachments for the mining, construction and recycling industries.