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SEW‑EURODRIVE is introducing the DriveRadar IoT Suite condition monitoring system, which records and evaluates operating data from industrial gear units. This makes it possible to reliably determine the behaviour of drives and system components in advance and preemptively plan maintenance and repair measures.

With the launch of DriveRadar IoT Suite for industrial gear units, SEW-EURODRIVE is offering a condition monitoring service that digitally records and evaluates operating data, creating forecasts of status changes. A coordinated package of sensor technology continuously records variables such as ambient temperature, gear unit oil temperature, input speed, oil levels, and the vibration behaviour of rolling bearings and gearing.

An edge processing unit (EPU) records, stores and consolidates this data. It then uses a mobile network to send the measured values to the SEW-EURODRIVE data centre in encrypted form, where they are evaluated and interpreted by the system. The DriveRadar IoT Suite web application gives customers the option of viewing the status of all monitored gear units as well as all processed data. They can also be notified directly of any status changes via a smartphone app designed for DriveRadar IoT Suite services.

This means customers can determine the status of individual rolling bearings and their components (outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements) or predict when the next oil change will be required, for example. As a result, it is possible to plan maintenance and repairs for industrial gear units and prevent failures.