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Ampcontrolhas today announced the major rebranding of its Member Companies to meet the growth and response to industry needs for innovative power solutions and service.

Wholly owned and operated by Ampcontrol is Austech, Burn Brite, Captech, CPS National and Verico. From 1 February 2023,thesebusinesses will be rebranded to Ampcontrol including name, logo, and website.

There brand of its Member Companies comes as Ampcontrol accelerates its strategy to be at the forefront of developing and supplying advanced technology, products, and services to the resources, infrastructure, and energy sectors that enable a competitive advantage in a net-zero carbon environment.

“Our industry and customer needs are rapidly changing in the globall ow-carboneconomy.Incorporating our industry-leading member companies into the Ampcontrol brand will result in our customers benefiting from a rapidly expanding portfolio of products and service capabilities, cutting-edge digital technology, and accelerated innovation to help solve some of the greatest challenges facing our future such as decarbonisation and renewable energy solutions”,said Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO RodHenderson.

The existing product and service offerings from Ampcontrol Member Companies willremain the same andform part of the trusted and reputable Ampcontrol offering.

“At Ampcontrol, weare committed tokeeping manufacturing jobs here in Australia; we have the smarts,ingenuity,and advanced capabilitytolead the world in energy manufacturing.This next step in our strategicgrowth planwillallowusto take advantage ofnewsynergies, partnerships, and expansion opportunitiesacross new and emerging domestic and international markets that will better serve our customers, industry,andgrowingworkforce”, addedMr Henderson.

In April 2022, Investment house Washington H. SoulPattinson and Company Limited (WHSP) increased itsshareholding in Ampcontrol Limited to full ownership and appointed a new Board. Ampcontrol remains 100%Australian, privately owned, and operated.

About Ampcontrol Member Companies

Acquired in 2002,Austechis a full lifecycle solution provider of environmental monitoring instruments andsystems for industrial and commercial applications.

Acquired in 2007,Burn Britedevelops and delivers a robust range of complex lighting products to illuminatesome of the world’s most difficult industrial environments, including in underground and longwall miningapplications.

Acquired in 2013,Captechis a leading manufacturer and supplier of power quality solutions for energyintensive sectors such as mining, industrial, commercial and power utilities.Acquired in 2018,CPS Nationalemploys leading edge technology, including battery, solar and hybrid powersolutions to deliver unique renewable power generation infrastructure, particularly into remote and off gridareas.

Acquired in 2018,Vericois a multi-disciplined technical testing and advisory service, improving asset integrity and life-cycle performance