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The Department of Industry, Science and Resources is seeking community feedback on how it can boost Australia’s battery industries.

Batteries are crucial to renewable energy efforts, as well as Australia’s push to achieve net-zero by 2050.

Australia is a major producer of important battery minerals, including lithium, nickel and cobalt.

“We want your views on how governments, industry and researchers can work together to create and support a sustainable, thriving end-to-end battery supply chain,” the Department said on its website.

The Government’s National Battery Strategy issue paper outlines plans to support battery industries in Australia by:

  • releasing a National Battery Strategy, which will outline actions for governments and industry to help build scale and competitiveness
  • establishing a Battery Manufacturing Precinct to boost domestic manufacturing
  • establishing a Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre to convert Australia’s competitive advantages in renewables into local jobs and investment.

“The National Battery Strategy will help support globally competitive Australian battery industries,” the paper said.

“It will signal to international partners that Australia is open for investment and ready to play a role in diversifying concentrated global supply chains.”

A key factor in the Government’s plan will be to leverage the mining value chain through the Critical Minerals Strategy.

“The Critical Minerals Strategy will outline the Government’s priorities for the development of the critical minerals sector,” the paper said.

“Critical minerals are crucial inputs to battery technologies, so there are close links between the National Battery Strategy and the Critical Minerals Strategy.

“The Critical Minerals Strategy will support the development of Australia’s upstream critical minerals mining and processing sector, while the National Battery Strategy will focus on the downstream manufacturing and assembly components of the value chain.”

Feedback on the National Battery Strategy will inform:

  • Australia’s first National Battery Strategy
  • an Australian-made battery precinct in Queensland
  • a Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre.

Consultation closes at 11.59pm on March 3.