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Komatsu’s new partnership with global tech giant Cummins will see the birth of an integrated equipment and engine-monitoring system for customers in the mining industry. 

The deal will see the two companies share important equipment health and performance data on a single device over common infrastructure, leading to joint monitoring, analytics and insights. 

A single data flow means tighter cybersecurity, better efficiency, and greater control over data. The removal of duplicative communication infrastructure means fewer opportunities where things can go wrong. 

Customers will receive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machine support from Komatsu, and the expert OEM engine insight from Cummins. In other words, experts from both teams will always be on hand to help.  

 The data integration will a create an efficient remote monitoring system, which will in turn provide predictive maintenance, reduce unplanned stoppages, decrease production costs, and increase asset utilisation.   

“With this partnership, we are tying two high-value services together,” Komatsu general manager Greg Lanz said.  

 “By combining data analytics from both Komatsu and Cummins, we can collaborate to help our customers maximise total asset performance and health. 

“The collaboration between Cummins and Komatsu on broader data sets opens opportunities for us to build more complex analytics and insights.   

“The secret sauce is combining the expertise of both teams.” 

  Cummins director of digital and service solutions Dana Miller expressed a similar sentiment.  

  “Our aim with this integrated solution is to deliver a robust best-in-class solution to help our customers succeed.”