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Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto’s Tom Price expansion in Western Australia. Image: Monadelphous

Rio Tinto has begun the search for its next generation of leaders, seeking 300 university graduates from Australia and New Zealand.

Rio is looking for the best and brightest from a range of disciplines, including engineering, data science, advanced technology, business and geology. Successful applicants will join the company’s two-year graduate program, designed to prepare its participants to lead, invent and innovate, with roughly 150 positions available at the program’s close.

Last year saw the company recruit 261 graduates, more than half of which were women. Australians counted for 130 of these recruits, with 16 per cent being Indigenous Australians.

The program is designed to challenge graduates in order to tackle industry problems and create unique solutions.

“Our award-winning graduate program provides an excellent launching pad for the next generation of leaders at Rio Tinto,” chief executive, Australia Kellie Parker said.

“We are committed to finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs to decarbonise and our graduates will be at the frontline of ensuring we deliver on that promise.

“With decarbonisation at the heart of our strategy, Rio Tinto presents a unique opportunity for any graduate wanting to play a leading role in accelerating decarbonisation and tackling this global challenge.”

Just this month, Rio’s graduate program won GradConnection’s ‘Most popular mining and energy employer’ award in Australia for the second year running.

Skye Tansley, a Rio Tinto graduate in products and software, is proud to work for the company.

“I am excited to be working for Rio Tinto at a time where big changes are going to be made to the way we address our environmental and social responsibilities, and to see the positive effects that these changes are having, both on the business and the wider community,” she said.

“I want a future that I am proud to leave behind.”