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The cap is designed to shield companies affected by the Federal Government’s draft emissions-reduction policy from the risk of future cost increases.

Epiroc has secured its biggest ever automation order to convert Roy Hill’s mixed fleet of haul trucks to driverless operation, making it the world’s largest single autonomous mine

Epiroc announced the Roy Hill project with ASI Mining in January and has now received a $70 million order for the development of an autonomous haul truck solution that is interoperable and scalable regardless of manufacturer.  

The contract covers the driverless conversion of Roy Hill’s entire fleet of 96 haul trucks, including 54 Caterpillar trucks and 42 Hitachi trucks.  

Additional orders will be booked in the future, with the project expected to run until 2024.  

To conversion is made possible thanks to ASI Mining’s Mobius-based autonomous haulage system, with the support of Epiroc – which owns a 34 per cent share of ASI.  

“We are very excited about supporting Roy Hill in the work to create the world’s largest single autonomous mine,” Epiroc president and chief executive officer Helena Hedblom said. “The benefits for both safety and productivity will be substantial.”  

Epiroc president of surface division Jose Sanchez also reacted to the news.  

“Roy Hill, led by its executive chairman Mrs Gina Rinehart … is a true pioneer and will set a new gold standard for autonomous surface mining,” he said. 

“Our team working on this is doing an excellent job.” 

Roy Hill’s production verification phase is complete and autonomous haul trucks are now running 24–7 in a dedicated autonomous operating zone at the mine.  

The fleet is meeting safety standards and is achieving higher productivity than conventional haul trucks.   

Located in the Pilbara, Roy Hill is one of Australia’s largest iron ore operations. The mine is majority owned by Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting, with the remainder held by Marubeni Corporation, POSCO, and China Steel Corporation.