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Metso Outotec has announced an initiation of the divestment of two of its three metals businesses.

Metso Outotec is known in the industry as a global leader in sustainable technologies, and end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally.

The two metal businesses in question are its metals and chemical processing and ferrous and heat-transfer productions. The smelting business will remain part of Metso Outotec’s portfolio.

The decision came after Metso Outotec conducted a strategic review of its metals businesses.

Metso Outotec president and chief executive officer Pekka Vauramo said several possibilities were considered by the company when evaluating the strategic fit of its metals businesses. Aspects such as what would be the best environment to develop the two portfolios in were taken into account.

“The performance (of the past two years) has proven that the offering is competitive, and the business is healthy,” Vauramo said.

“However, our strategy focuses on accelerating the growth and profitability of our aggregates and minerals businesses, which also have a strong aftermarket potential.”

Vauramo said the company’s smelting business aligns with its sustainable non-ferrous metals market offering, which is why it will continue to develop as part of Metso Outotec.

Metso Outotec’s smelting business sales added to a total of €155 million ($251.8 million) in 2022.

“The metals and chemical processing and ferrous and heat transfer businesses can be best developed with an owner that can offer both focus and scale and hence capitalise on the full potential of the technologies,” Vauramo said.