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Australian critical minerals company Tivan will move its company headquarters to Darwin to further its plans for a multi-mineral hub.

The move will strengthen Tivan’s presence in the NT while supporting the company’s next phase of planning for the planned hub.

The hub will process the critical minerals that are essential for the move to renewable energy while creating 1500 jobs during construction and approximately 1000 long-term employment opportunities.

“The Territory is rapidly emerging as a key player when it comes to the global supply chains for the critical minerals required for new technologies and the energy transition,” Chief Minister Natasha Fyles said.

“The need for new critical mineral mines and mineral processing continues to grow to support the demand for renewable energy, battery storage and high-technology industries.

“This presents significant economic and strategic opportunities for the Territory to become a reliable supplier of minerals to support the transition to a decarbonised economy.”

Tivan executive chairman Grant Wilson said that the relocation of the company’s headquarters is an important step for the future of Tivan.

“It will materially assist in project facilitation, especially in respect of our pilot plant and the significant work we have ahead at the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct (MASDP),” he said.

“HQ will now be proximate to Tivan’s core interests and future workforce, and to greater Asia as well.

“Today’s announcement also has important symbolic resonance. Tivan is now one of a handful of ASX listed companies with HQ in the Northern Territory and remains the sole public proponent at MASDP.

“The move will further differentiate our corporate profile and value propositions, as we continue to deepen relationships with key stakeholders, including in community, government and First Nations.”