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Construction equipment manufacturer Epiroc has extended its partnership with steel producer SSAB through a delivery agreement.

Epiroc is the first company in the mining industry to sign such an agreement with SSAB for its fossil-free steel.

The delivery agreement would focus on SSAB Zero, SSAB’s fossil carbon emission-free recycled steel produced using sustainable energy sources, being utilised in Epiroc’s battery-electric range of underground mine trucks and loaders.

Epiroc and SSAB first partnered in April 2022 to focus on using SSAB’s fossil-free steel in Epiroc’s mining equipment production.

The extended partnership supports Epiroc’s long-term commitment to produce the world’s greenest machines and to cut carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 compared to 2019. It also supports SSAB´s goal to create fossil-free value chains.

In December 2022, Epiroc showcased the world’s first underground mine truck made with fossil-free steel from SSAB.

SSAB’s fossil-fuel-free steel is set to release to the commercial market in 2026 and Epiroc’s battery-electric range is projected to be unveiled as soon as the third quarter of the 2023 financial year.

Epiroc’s president of the underground division Sami Niiranen said the company is thrilled to continue using SSAB Zero.

“We are very excited to utilise SSAB’s pioneering low carbon solutions. This is one of many ways that we are accelerating the transformation of the mining industry – while also helping our customers to reach their sustainability goals,” Niiranen said.

SSAB’s head of sustainable business Thomas Hornfeldt said SSAB Zero broadens its zero-emission portfolio.

“There is a large demand for this kind of steel, and it is satisfying to have such an offer in place,” Hornfeldt said.