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South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas detailed new plans for a world-first Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act in his speech at the World Hydrogen Summit.

The World Hydrogen Summit was held in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. The Summit has the goal of establishing a role for hydrogen within the future of energy worldwide.

The proposed Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act would aim to slash red tape, streamline processes for companies that wish to invest in large-scale hydrogen and renewable energy projects into a single regulatory process covering the entire project lifecycle, as well as build upon South Australia‚Äôs global leadership in decarbonisation.

The proposed bill would facilitate secure land access, social and environmental benefits and put First Nations people at the centre of the transformation, in line with leading environment, social and governance requirements.

Under the bill, government owned land and waters where renewable energy projects could be built upon will be identified by the SA Government. Companies who wish to deliver these projects would compete for licences that would grant access to the government owned land and waters needed.

Additionally, new and fit for purpose licensing arrangements would be recognised for projects across all different land type. This would allow for the whole project life cycle to be regulated.

A framework would be outlined to ensure project developments are delivered with net environmental benefit, and requirements would be established to ensure the land is rehabilitated and returned to pre-existing conditions.

The Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act is now under consultation and is inviting people to have a say in the bill, until feedback closes on June 26 at 12pm ACST.