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Minister for Resources Madeleine King attended the APPEA 2023 conference and exhibition, where she reiterated the Federal Government’s commitment to reaching zero emissions by 2050.

The APPEA 2023 conference had the theme of ‘lead, shape, innovate – accelerating to net zero’.

“As I have said many times before – the pathway to net zero runs through the Australian resources sector,” King said.

The Minister for Resources said traditional commodities and energy resources will play an essential role in supporting Australia’s economy transition to net zero, while also continuing to underwrite energy security for the country’s key trading partners.

“Whether it is the minerals that go into solar panels and batteries, or the gas required to process many of those minerals today, the net zero transition is enabled and underpinned by the Australian resources sector,” King said.

While the net zero transformation will create opportunities for the resources sector, King said it will equally present challenges.

“The (Federal) Government has taken decisions in recent months to implement our agenda, including legislating landmark climate reforms that enable Australia to reach our net zero commitments,” King said.