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Atlas Copco, founded in Stockholm in 1873, today celebrates its 150-year anniversary. During a century and a half, Atlas Copco has been driving development and delivering breakthrough innovations to customers in many different industries.

“This year, February 21st, it is 150 years since we began our fantastic journey to become what we are today,” Atlas Copco Power Technique regional general manager Oceania Alexandre Leite said.

“A leading industrial group that through technology and cooperation with customers provides industries all over the world the possibility to drive development and create a better tomorrow.”

The ancient Greek mythology spoke of a titan named Atlas who carried the world on his shoulders. This giant was the inspiration behind the name of the company way back when it was founded.

A total of 15 decades later, Atlas Copco owes its success to those who came before it. Atlas Copco has people who found new innovative solutions to the challenges society has faced throughout the years and are committed to taking this legacy forward.

Atlas Copco was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and initially delivered equipment for construction of the Swedish railroad system. Since then, the group has evolved and today supports customers in many different industries, enabling everything from food production to space travel. Today, in many ways, it is the giant that modern society relies on–from food production to space travel and new sources of energy.

Throughout time, Atlas Copco’s innovative spirit and values have remained intact.

The Atlas Copco Group has always been about innovation, sustainability and doing business in an ethical way. The most important part of this has been its people.

People who took charge and drove development forward by offering new ideas, that lead to new technologies and better services fulfilling the needs of its customers while remaining focused on safety, ergonomics, and productivity. People who are passionate and who always challenge themselves to find new and better ways to continue to develop Atlas Copco.

“We can today look back on 150 fantastic years. Many of us have worked here a long time, others are new to the Group,” Leite said.

“No matter what, I believe that we all share the commitment that we will leave this company behind us stronger and even better than when we joined.”