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BHP has hosted an investor presentation that provided an update on its progress in achieving its medium and long-term operational decarbonisation target and goal.

The presentation gave an update on the progress made by its Americas and Australian businesses respectively in terms of achieving the set operational decarbonisation target and goal.

Additionally, the presentation discussed how the company finds the best solutions that will help supply metals and minerals to the world for the global energy transition, as well as optimise value and returns for all its key stakeholders.

BHP head of carbon management, sustainability and climate change Graham Winkelman said that the world faces a critical challenge to respond effectively to the risks of climate change.

“Every segment of society has a role to play. And BHP recognises our vital role – both in supplying commodities the world needs to decarbonise, and in making sure we do so as sustainably as possible,” Winkelman said.

Winkelman said the company is currently on track to deliver its 2030 target and has a goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

“This target and goal are both related to our Scopes 1 and 2, or ‘operational’ greenhouse gas emissions,” Winkelman said.

“To be successful, step change technology solutions driven by collaboration in the value chain will be necessary. And as we grow our business to meet increasing demand, the pathway will not be a straight line, nor will it be smooth.

“But by integrating decarbonisation into how we plan, we can find the most cost-effective way to achieve these outcomes.”

Winkelman added that it is expected that demand for BHP products will be driven by the push around the world to decarbonise.

“BHP’s key products are expected to play a vital part in enabling the world’s response to climate change, and we plan to grow our production to meet this demand while simultaneously working to decarbonise our operations,” Winkelman said.