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The latest data from Coal Services has shown 24,575 direct coal mining jobs in NSW in April 2023 in the highest result since September 2012.

A total of 14,589 jobs came from the Hunter, the state’s largest coal mining region, with 3,253 jobs coming out of the Gunnedah region.

“The growth in coal mining jobs across NSW in recent years shows the ongoing strength of the industry, and the need to ensure mining communities are supported,” NSW Minerals Council chief executive officer Stephen Galilee said.

“The strong performance and contribution of the coal sector reflects the overall growth of the entire mining sector in NSW, including in metals mining.

“Metals mining jobs are also at near record levels with nearly 8000 workers directly employed in the NSW metals mining sector based on the annual NSW Mining Industry Expenditure Impact Survey.

“These jobs help support regional communities and are also making a very important economic contribution to the NSW economy.

“With the right policy settings, we can continue to make the most of the growing demand for our metals, critical minerals and high-quality coal.”

According to the data, there are 200 more coal mining jobs in the Western region than there were in 2022 while the number of jobs in the southern region of the state has stayed consistent.