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A delegation of BHP headed by Ragnar Udd, President of BHP Americas, met with President Alberto Fernandez and Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.
The appointment comes as BHP participated for the first time at the Arminera Fair last May, an event that marked the Australian company’s debut in Argentina. Edgar Bastow, Chief Operating Officer of BHP Global, was also participating; Rene Muga, Vice President of Corporate Affairs BHP Minerals Americas; Cecilia Azar, Chief of Staff BHP Minerals Americas; Ximena Osa, Communications BHP Minerals Americas and Francisco Diaz, Government Relations BHP Minerals Americas.
In meetings with President Fernández and Minister Massa, the need for cooperation to develop new mining projects and attract investments was highlighted, as well as the urgency of establishing Argentina as a global player on the mining scene was put. In addition, BHP reiterated its interest in expanding its presence in Argentina, strengthening ties with the authorities and collaborating with industry to develop high-standard mining.