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Sydney-based Container Rotation Systems (CRS) makes its entrance into the Australian rare earths market with Rotorcon, a heavy duty rotatable container for the mining industry.

The CRS Rotorcon container was designed from the ground up, specifically for the arduous conditions experienced in the Australian mining sector.

CRS saw an opportunity for innovation when it became apparent that general ‘off the shelf’ open top containers were not meeting the high gross weights permissible on some Australian outback roads. Furthermore, standard open top containers often did not comply with engineering dynamics when loading bulk carriers with the newest, high speed, ship to shore cranes.

CRS decided to produce its own range of bulk ore containers, so its customers could have a single point of contact for their complete containerised bulk handling requirements. In 2010, CRS developed the first 360 degree, multi-directional container rotator.

CRS  took a fresh look at the open top container market , analysed future market growth then put pen to paper to design and patent the world’s first open top container with a 38.4 tonne gross capacity, that could be rotated 360 degrees in any direction using only the top four twist lock pockets, unsupported.

Rotorcon containers have a number of unique features:

  • Whale bone rib design for superior strength and flexibility
  • High centre of gravity for low cost per rotation
  • Tapered sides to prevent ‘carry back’ due to high product moisture content
  • Self-cleaning ‘U’ shaped bottom tub
  • High centre of gravity for controlled discharge to eliminate dust emissions
  • Heavy duty, replaceable twist lock pockets
  • Clean flow, specially developed corner gussets
  • Hard flat lids with spring applied lid locking system with manual override
  • Tapered main rails for easy decontamination in washeries.
  • Lowest tare weight per tonne payload
  • Special low friction internal coating
  • Access ladder on each side for product inspection
  • Constructed with Corten or equivalent high tensile steel
  • Stackable when fully loaded.
  • Optional lid hatches, round or square
  • Optional with Ezzelid, CRS’s self-opening lid system.

The Rotorcon container is a ‘one design’ system that can range in heights from 1450mm to 2900mm.

Fully designed, certified and finite element analysed (FEA) in Australia by leading naval architects, CRS is supplying its customers a high quality, uncompromised product that offers superior return on investment and longevity.

All Rotorcon containers are CSC rated to meet international shipping codes, BK2 compliant for  environmental awareness, and – best of all – developed with Australian dedication and ingenuity.