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Fortescue Metals executive chairman Andrew Forrest shared a presentation showing the stark effects of climate change at the Boao Forum for Asia in Perth on August 30.

The presentation detailed the effects of climate change and global warming on both an individual level, and a broader global view.

“This clean energy presentation you’re about to see may explain a lot, particularly to my Fortescue family,” Forrest said in his conference speech.

“There’s been changes, and there’s been a steely discipline about our future… We stick to that future. Individual ambitions come second because what I’m talking about is the course of humanity.”

The presentation went on to detail how Fortescue is working to cut emissions and achieve real zero by 2030, which included creating green energy to replace fossil fuels and designing green tech to enable real zero.

Forrest concluded the presentation by urging leaders to “announce law intention to render illegal any action which that would prevent mitigation of global warming.”

The presentation came in the same week that Fortescue announced the resignation of three of its senior leaders.

Chief financial officer Christine Morris resigned on September 1, and non-executive director on the board of Fortescue subsidiary Fortescue Future Industries Guy Debelle also announced his resignation that same day.

At the Boao Forum, Forrest opened up about the resignation.

“All I can say is that people evolve (and) there is a difference between where they’re going and the whole mission of the company before anyone joined,” he said.

Three days earlier, chief executive officer Fiona Hick also announced her resignation.