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Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King has address the Minerals Week Breakfast to discuss the current critical minerals list.

According to King, the Federal Government is currently reviewing the country’s critical minerals list and considering updates.

“It’s vital for our national interest that Australia can support strategically important supply chains, so we’re updating the list,” King said.

“In reviewing and updating the list, we will more closely consider the needs and circumstances of partner countries.

“With the boom in critical minerals and with Australia and other nations racing to meet their net-zero targets, there is an increased urgency in making sure our list is fit for purpose.”

King also explained how the Federal Government is working with states and territories to uplift the critical minerals sector and process more materials offshore.

“In ministerial roundtables, my counterparts have reiterated the importance of developing polices that attract foreign investment for resources projects,” King said.

“We have also agreed for a renewed focus on efficiency in approvals so projects can get off the ground quickly.”

“We’re united in believing critical minerals can take the nation and especially regional Australia, on the pathway to produce the metals and materials needed to lower emissions nationally and internationally.”

King said the Federal Government is motivated to asses its supply chain resilience for commodities.

“With our unique geology and know-how, Australia can become the world’s supplier of choice for critical minerals,” King said.

“But we understand too that our traditional resource base will continue to form the backbone of our economy for decades to come.

“Australia is undertaking this giant leap in decarbonising its economy. It will need all the knowledge, skill and ingenuity of our entire resources sector.”