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Wet processing equipment company CDE Group has unveiled its new Australian headquarters as part of its wider growth plans in the Australian market.

CDE sell products such as feed hoppers, conveyors, and dewatering systems for mines, quarries and recycling operations. Its new headquarters is located in Stapylton, Queensland.

“Our purpose is to create our best world a ton at a time, and to do this we need to be supporting our customers to realise their purpose and vision. Support means being there when they need us, and that means having CDE boots on the ground,” CDE Australian general manager Daniel Webber said.

“By growing our regional team, we are closer to our clients during the sales process, resulting in better solutions being developed; we are closer during project delivery, leading to safer and more efficient work sites; and, most importantly, we are closer once our customers’ plants are operational, enabling us help maintain uptime through scheduled maintenance activities and prompt professional breakdown support.

“We have great confidence in the potential of this market and we’re fully committed to supporting new and existing customers, whose trust in our expertise is key to making this very investment possible.”

CDE’s investment in the new Australian headquarters includes the development of fully stocked and managed stores to house high-wear, consumable and critical plant components.

“For the first time in the local market, we’re able to offer readily available parts,” CDE CustomCare regional manager for Australia Peter Neely said.

“Responsive on-the-ground support and locally available parts with short lead times means we are better equipped to strengthen our direct relationships with customers, ensuring their plants continue to run material at optimum efficiency to support a fast return on investment.”