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The newly introduced National Skills Agreement (NSA) will provide up to $155 million to the Northern Territory’s skills and training sector over a five-year period beginning from January 2024.

Introduced last week to unlock billions of dollars to build Australia’s skills and prosperity, the NSA includes a range of reforms that look to further develop the NT’s regional and remote communities and the workforce the state needs.

The NSA will coincide with the NT’s ongoing reforms in skilled migration. It will also assist in addressing workforce shortages long term by providing local training opportunities.

“Through my Government’s work at National Cabinet and skills sector, we have advocated for this $155 million skills deal which will help boost our skilled opportunities and will help meet our workforce shortfall in critical sectors,” Chief Minister Natasha Fyles said.

“We know how important it is for Territory students to have access to learning and training opportunities and courses, as well as businesses having access to home grown skilled workers.”

The $155 million commitment is about $80 million more than the current National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development payments.

NT Minister for Business, Jobs and Training Paul Kirby said the Northern Territory needs to train people for future jobs so it can capitalise on projects that continue to bolster its economy.

“In the NT, 92 per cent of VET graduates … were employed and/or continued on to further study after completing their training – well above the national average and the highest result in Australia,” he said.