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Schlam has committed itself to providing a safe, healthy and secure place to work, being named the 2022 WA Employer of the Year in the RISE Business Awards.

“Ours is a friendly, welcoming and supportive culture with a people-first attitude and we’re all for celebrating achievements and working together,” Schlam executive general manager Mat Rigby said.

“Our purpose is to create the best possible environment for people to thrive, however for people to thrive, they must be working in jobs they love, jobs they’re good at, jobs where they can maximise their potential.

“It’s clear from our staff retention rate that employees want to work for and stay with a company that is willing to invest in their future and which fosters a culture of loyalty and commitment.

“And it really starts with selecting the right people, so the recruitment process is vital to our success.”

Schlam’s two divisions, Schlam Payload and Schlam Cru, have a combined workforce of 500 and a retention rate of 96.4 per cent.

The company grew 41 per cent over 2022–23, which was coupled with an 80 per cent reduction in injury frequency and a 98 per cent reduction in Workcover costs.

Schlam Cru aims to expand operations to 900 employees by 2026.