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Sandvik has acquired a new testing facility in Finland to develop and prove future surface drilling technologies.

The move is a bid to keep up with the shift towards electrification and the advancement of autonomous and optimisation technologies in surface drilling.

Sandvik will use the test mine for research and development as well as hosting customers for technology demonstrations, particularly those related to automation, digitalisation, and electrification of surface drills.

The site will enable technology development and training for both surface boom and rotary drill rigs, as well as rock tools, parts and services and related digital technologies such as automation and fleet telematics and monitoring solutions.

“The development of comprehensive solutions that not only harness the latest technologies but also deliver productivity and reliability in our customers’ real-life applications and conditions requires a real-life test environment,” Sandvik surface drilling president Petri Virrankoski said.

“The surface test mine will facilitate the exchange of our deep know-how in equipment manufacturing, rock tools, automation and digitalisation, supporting the design and development of even more new products and solutions in the future.”

The surface test mine is located near Sandvik’s underground test mine 40km northwest of Tampere.

The area, which has previously served as a quarry, will be developed by its own drilling plan dedicated exclusively to surface drilling on a large scale.

Over the next two years, the company plans to construct permanent office buildings and designated customer facilities at the location.

“Decarbonisation is accelerating across our industry, and the role of electrification in surface mining sustainability will help guide our development of new systems and solutions,” Sandvik rotary drilling president Dave Shellhammern said.

“Testing is a major part of our research and development cycle. This new test mine will help us shorten time to market and verify even more swiftly that we’re delivering the safest, most reliable and productive drill rigs to our customers.”