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Andromeda Metals has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with building and construction materials supplier Hallett Group to commercialise the Great White project’s halloysite rheology modifier (HRM) concrete product.

The Great White project’s HRM refers to a refined kaolin for sale and use as an additive in the concrete industry and other associated applications.

Under the agreement, Andromeda and Hallett will work to commercialise HRM’s use in various applications. Such uses include reduced cement concrete, reduced fines concrete, improved performance shotcrete, backfill and other building products.

“We are excited by the promise of partnering with such a strong partner as Hallett, with their focus on innovation and greener solutions,” Andromeda chief executive officer (CEO) Bob Katsiouleris said.

Hallett CEO Kane Salisbury echoed similar sentiments.

“We are excited to partner with Andromeda and the opportunities presented by the potential commercialisation of Great White HRM,” he said. 

“Under the strategic alliance, Great White HRM will be considered for inclusion as part of our $125 million Green Cement Transformation project centred in Port Augusta, for which six years of research and development has been undertaken to date.”

Andromeda has also announced that the mineral resource estimate for the Chairlift kaolin deposit has been completed.

The Chairlift prospect, which is located 58km southeast of the Great White project in South Australia, has a combined inferred resource of 53.5 million tonnes (Mt) of kaolin comprised of 27Mt of bright-white, low-titanium kaolinised granite and 26.5Mt of rheology modifier kaolin.

“The Chairlift deposit adds to the number of high quality resources now surrounding the Great White project, further cementing the global significance of the region for high quality kaolin products,” Katsiouleris said.

“These resources significantly expand the potential market opportunities for Andromeda in the high-end porcelain ceramics and low-carbon concrete markets, further supporting the long-term benefits and future expansion opportunities of the planned development of the Great White project.

“In addition, The Chairlift deposit has the potential to further expand Andromeda’s participation in the fast-growing, high-end market segments for white minerals, such as performance coatings and pharmaceuticals.”