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November 22 is National Mining Day, giving the nation a chance to celebrate both the mining industry and the essential people who work in it.

First launched in 2013 by co-patrons Hancock Prospecting chair Gina Rinehart and executive director Tad Watroba, National Mining Day reminds those in the mining industry to be proud of the sector and its achievements.

In her 2013 speech at the first National Mining Day event, Rinehart spoke to how proud she is of the sector.

“Australian Mining is a key part of this country’s economy and I hope our future,” she said. “Our natural resources combined with our spirit to go after the challenges of our vast, remote and inhospitable terrain, mean many in this room take enormous risks.

“When they work out – Australia is stronger. National Mining Day is also a day for all Australians to consider: where would our nation be without the mining industry?”

National Mining Day events, held each year, see guests come from around Australia to celebrate the contributions of the industry.