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LOESCHE proudly announces the release of its second
sustainability report, detailing the company’s strides towards
environmental, social, and governance (ESG) excellence
throughout the calendar year 2022. This report not only highlights
LOESCHE’s internal sustainability strategies but also
underscores the pivotal role of its innovative products and
services in aiding customers’ sustainability endeavors.
At the core of LOESCHE’s ethos lies a steadfast dedication to
enhancing process efficiency and minimizing consumption across
all industrial facilities.
RĂ¼diger Zerbe, the Managing Director of LOESCHE, emphasizes
this commitment, stating, “LOESCHE has consistently prioritized
enhancing process efficiency and minimizing consumption across
all our industrial plants. Our product portfolio shows our
dedication to pioneering research and development. There’s a
need to synchronize our innovative drive with the sustainable
evolution of our industries, especially in today’s context.”
Looking ahead, LOESCHE is poised to incessantly evaluate key
ESG criteria and expand the formulated sustainability strategies
to encompass all global LOESCHE Group entities. This
commitment to transparency will be upheld through the annual
Sustainability Reports, ensuring stakeholders remain
informed of LOESCHE’s progress and initiatives.
The comprehensive report titled “Sustainability at LOESCHE
2022″ is available for viewing on the company’s website.