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Australian-based coal miner Cokal will up metallurgical coal production at its Bumi Barito mine in Indonesia upon completion of an upgraded haul road.

Cokal reported that while the current condition of the haul road can support initial hauling of coal, the company is looking to ramp up production and will need to upgrade the road in order to do so.

Planned works at the site are set to increase truck carrying capacity and cut trip times through reducing the road gradient at critical sections of the road.

“These upgrades will increase both coal transport capacity and operational efficiency, resulting in a reduction in per tonne operating costs,” Cokal said in an ASX announcement.

“This will be achieved via an increase in the carrying capacity of trucks (which can currently only operate at 50 per cent capacity) and a reduction in the required time trucks take to complete a trip.”

The developments of the haul road are set to commence in February, and will be completed over two stages. During the works, three large bridges and 15 culverts will be upgraded.

“The additional equipment and resources required are currently being mobilised to site,” Cokal said. “Current hauling of product coal to the Batu Tuhup Jetty will continue uninterrupted alongside the upgrade process.”