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Heavy machinery manufacturer Brokk unveiled the latest frontier in demolition technology at World of Concrete 2024 in Las Vegas.

World of Concrete is a two-day annual international trade show extravaganza for the commercial construction industry.

This year the show spanned January 23–25, drawing together major industry players from across the globe to witness the launch of Brokk SmartPower+, the next generation of demolition robots.

Brokk’s new range of robots aim to provide unmatched endurance by increasing operational uptime with consistent power delivery over time, features essential to the mining industry where efficiency is key.

The company’s newest generation is resistant to shock, temperature, and vibrations, as well as being fitted with dust and water protection to an IP65 equivalent standard.

Brokk showcased how the robots come with an 87 per cent reduction in cables and connectors, aiming to reduce weak points and increase the life of the product.

‘’With nearly five decades of experience, Brokk understands the challenges many industry professionals face in finding skilled operators to get the job done right,’’ Brokk Group chief executive officer Martin Krupicka said.

“This is precisely why we are committed to creating solutions for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike, setting a new benchmark in the demolition landscape.’’

The new control box weighs in at less than three kilograms and has been ergonomically designed for comfort and easy use.

With safety a key concern on mine sites, visual status updates allow the operator to focus their attention on the demolition work at hand while simultaneously monitoring the status of the machine.

“We are thrilled to introduce Brokk SmartPower+ and a new generation of demolition robots that redefine the demolition landscape,” Krupicka said.

“This innovative advancement reflects Brokk’s dedication to pushing the limits and providing operators cutting-edge machines that surpass expectations.”