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Martin Engineering has launched the next generation of conveyor belt tracking technology in a bid to eliminate belt mistracking.

The Martin Tracker HD (heavy duty) belt conveyor alignment system provides immediate, continuous and precise adjustment of mistracking belts.

“Since most original equipment manufacturer mistracking devices are only designed to prevent contact with the stringer and don’t actually realign the belt, operators can spend a lot of time monitoring the system and adjusting idlers to achieve consistent alignment,” Martin Engineering product manager Dave Mueller said.

“With enough manual adjusting, operators find that idlers must be reentered if there’s a change in cargo characteristics or to install a new belt.

“The Tracker HD automates the alignment process, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and manual adjustments, reducing the labour and downtime for maintenance.”

The Martin Tracker HD uses sensing rollers that ride either side of the belt and are attached to the end of an arm assembly.

As the rollers detect slight variations in the belt path, the force of the wandering belt causes the arms to automatically position a pivoting idler in the opposite direction of the misalignment.

The lever action requires less force to initiate the correction and only slight adjustments mean the consistent contact between the belt and idlers reduces the energy needed to bring the belt back into alignment.

The system is designed to withstand the stress associated with wider, thicker belts moving at higher speeds and carrying heavier loads.

The Martin Tracker HD is suitable for a belt thickness up to 28.5 mm and speeds up to four metres per second.

Both the upper and lower units accommodate belt widths of 915–1828 mm with an effective tracking distance of 45.72 m.

“Martin Engineering believes safety should be a core function in any conveyor accessory we design, and the Tracker HD is no different,” Mueller said.

“By automating consistent belt tracking, this solution reduces equipment wear, maintenance time, and downtime.”