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Whitehaven Coal’s proposed Winchester South coal mine has been given approval by the Queensland Government.

Located in the Bowen Basin, Whitehaven plans to extract approximately 17 million tonnes of coal per annum throughout the life of the mine.

The project will involve the construction of a coal processing plant and rail loop and is expected to create upwards of 500 jobs.

The Queensland Coordinator-General recommended that Winchester South be allowed to proceed back in November 2023, subject to conditions.

“I recommend that the project proceed, subject to conditions and recommendations,” Assistant Coordinator-General as delegate of the Coordinator-General Kerry Smeltzer said in the report at the time.

“I expect that the commitments made by the proponent in the EIS (environmental impact statement) will be fully implemented.”

The mine now requires Federal Government approval to proceed. If approved, Winchester South has an expected mine life of 30 years and will be used to mine metallurgical coal for steelmaking and thermal coal for energy generation.

It is expected that the mine will supply $882 million in additional net economic benefit to Queensland and $696 million in royalties to the Queensland Government.