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The Alcoa Foundation is set to partner with the Aspen Medical Foundation to supply prosthetic limbs to civilian and military victims of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Funded by a $330,000 Alcoa grant, Aspen will work closely with First Medical Union (FMU), the largest health system in Ukraine and the leading rehabilitation site in the country.

FMU’s Unbroken project provides essential services to Ukrainians including reconstructive surgery, orthopaedics, robotic prosthetics, and comprehensive physical, psychological, and psychosocial rehabilitation.

The grant from Alcoa Foundation will enable the procurement of quality prosthetic limbs, tailored to meet individual needs, and facilitate a comprehensive training program for FMU rehabilitation professionals.

“Alcoa Foundation is pleased to support this initiative that will help those impacted by the war in Ukraine access life-changing prosthetics and navigate the path to physical and psychological healing,” Alcoa Foundation president Caroline Rossignol said.

The project aims to invest in the long-term resilience and wellbeing of those affected and their communities.

“Over 25,000 individuals have suffered conflict-related traumatic amputations in Ukraine, and this number increases every day. This staggering figure underscores the urgency and scale of the need,” Aspen Medical Foundation board member and Aspen Medical executive chair Glenn Keys said.

“Each one of these individuals represents a life dramatically changed by the horrors of war, a person forced to cope with the daunting challenge of navigating daily life without a limb or limbs.”