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Metso has launched its Cross Flow Rotary Cooler, a solution designed to decrease water consumption and improve energy efficiency in pyro processing plants.

Pyro processing is used in mining for the extraction and purification of metals and involves the application of heat. Cooling in this process can be energy-intensive and impactful to plant performance, utilities and infrastructure.

“Metso has been designing and supplying rotary equipment like kilns, dryers and coolers for decades,” Metso vice president, heat transfer Chris Urban said.

“We are particularly proud of the fact that we are always able to keep our equipment design state-of-the-art and to respond to the challenges of industry and society.”

Metso’s new Cross Flow Rotary Cooler has been developed as part of the company’s Planet Positive offering. This offering helps Metso customers cut their CO2 emissions and achieve other sustainability priorities like reducing pollution.

Some key benefits of the Cross Flow Rotary Cooler include its improved temperature control, simple installation and indirect cooling.

It also boasts 35 per cent lighter shrouds than waterfilm shrouds and savings in water consumption and capex for water cooling circuit.