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Sandvik is introducing the Golden Shank, a patented corrosion protection coating for greatly increased service life and lower drilling cost per meter.

The shank adapter encounters harsh conditions in many underground mines due to the use of highly corrosive water as flushing media. During its lifetime it must endure challenges such as reduced fatigue properties, stress corrosion cracking and embrittlement.

Sandvik’s new Golden Shank is equipped with a patented, low-friction, nickel-plated coating with a polymer top sealant for improved corrosion resistance. Applied throughout the entire shank and flushing slot, except for the striking area, this unique coating minimizes wear on flushing seals and rock drill parts and reduces breakages on other rig and tool machine parts.

Field tests confirm 30-100 percent longer product life. Reaching further between service intervals enables customers to proactively schedule shank adapter replacements during intended service stops, and mitigate time-consuming and costly occurrences of unexpected breakage during ongoing drilling operations. Even at mine sites where corrosion is not prevalent, Golden Shank field tests have consistently demonstrated 2-3 times longer performance life than other similar market options.

The extended service life of the shank adapter enhances safety and sustainability for customers by reducing operator handling and heavy lifting, inventory needs and emissions from transportation. A coating with less environmental impact also improves the sustainability footprint in manufacturing.

“Prioritizing operator safety and minimizing environmental impact through reduced tool replacements are critical considerations in our product development process,” said Thomas Blomfeldt, Product Manager Top Hammer at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “The Golden Shank will enable some customers to potentially double efficiency.”