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In today’s ruthless commercial and industrial world, it seems that product and service providers who are making a genuine effort to provide ‘no strings’ technical support and guidance are something of a dying breed. The announcement by Fenner Dunlop EMEA, previously known as Dunlop Conveyor Belting, that they have released a newly updated version of their hugely popular mobile application, ‘Belt Buddy’, therefore restores some much-needed belief in that old-fashioned phrase, ‘customer service’.

For the benefit of those who may not be aware, Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting have been manufacturing industrial conveyor belts for over 100-years. During that time, they have established themselves not only as one of the conveyor belt industry’s leading innovators but also a genuine leader in the provision of technical support of its customers. As its sales & marketing director, Andries Smilda, famously once said, “When you buy Dunlop you get more than just conveyor belts”.    

Their ‘Belt Buddy’ App is a good example of both innovation and customer support. Launched in 2020 and a genuine ‘first’ in the industry, the app was specifically designed, regardless of time or location, to enable users of conveyor belts to make numerous on-the-spot calculations including belt thickness and weight, roll size and belt length (from a coiled roll), transition distance, convex curve layout, motor power, capacity and much more besides. The app also contains comprehensive details about the Fenner Dunlop product range and boasts a huge library of useful reference documents, including technical bulletins and splice manuals. Available in four languages—English, French, German, and Spanish, “Belt Buddy” has been described by one delighted conveyor engineer as being “The best thing Dunlop have ever done!”.

Somewhat surprisingly, none of Fenner Dunlop’s competitors have so far attempted to launch their own version. Belt Buddy remains unique and has become an invaluable tool for a growing number of conveyor professionals seeking information and guidance on a wide range of technical subjects. Encouraged by its popularity and constructive feedback from its users, the newly updated version includes new features such as calculating the capacity of piece goods, such as parcels and packages; elevator motor power and capacity calculations for bucket elevators including the ability to calculate bucket volume.

Rob van Oijen, Application Engineering Manager at Fenner Dunlop EMEA, has played an integral role in its development. “Since its launch, ‘Belt Buddy’ has become a trusted tool for industry professionals. It’s designed to be very easy to use and allows them to make critical calculations on the spot without needing to be an IT wizard . The new features we have added have increased the range of practical calculations and guidance that its users have instant access to wherever they may be.”

The new version of “Belt Buddy” is now available for download on [App Store/Google Play]. Existing users are encouraged to update to the latest version to take advantage of these latest enhancements. For more information about “Belt Buddy” please visit