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Martinus, Australia’s largest privately-owned rail infrastructure company, is making significant strides in the rail haulage sector with its approach to full-scale, construct and haul opportunities, as well as providing next generation solutions to existing miners and heavy industry.

Emphasising the full-scale contract and haulage model, Martinus has the capability to implement a comprehensive develop, build, own, operate and maintain model, which has the company poised to transform rail haulage services across the industry.

“Our construct and haul capabilities are a testament to our commitment to not just participate in the market, but to lead it,” Martinus national business development manager – haulage Lee Morrissey said.

“By overseeing every aspect of the infrastructure lifecycle, we can drive resilience, consistency, and efficiency into supply chains.”

Central to Martinus’ strategy is the introduction of new rolling stock, designed to enhance service offerings and establish the company as an industry leader.

“The new rolling stock is transformative,” Morrissey said. “It significantly boosts operational efficiency, which delivers more tonnes, reliably, for our customers. The rolling stock identified also has strong ESG credentials, incorporating the latest environmentally-friendly technologies and innovations.”

The new rolling stock not only streamlines operations and reduces downtime but also allows Martinus to offer higher volume and a higher frequency of services.

Furthermore, the emphasis on sustainability, resilience and advanced technologies demonstrates Martinus’ dedication to customer satisfaction and reducing environmental impact.

Partnerships with leading locomotive manufacturers will be crucial to Martinus’ success, underscoring the company’s strong reputation and innovative approach. These collaborations enhance the company’s service capabilities and operational efficiency, leading to impressive performance in the railway sector.

Faced with a general lack of sufficient investment in the industry, Martinus is boldly stepping forward to change the narrative.

“We are not just investing in rail; we are supporting the future of Australian industry,” Morrissey said. “Our proactive efforts to build and expand the next generation of railway infrastructure is setting new standards for commitment and development within our sector.”

With these strategic developments and robust market reception, Martinus is well-positioned to transform rail infrastructure and haulage services, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in Australian rail.