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Epiroc has unveiled upgrades to its DM30 XC rotary blasthole drill rig that focus on improving safety and efficiency, all while reducing carbon footprint.

Described as the “next-gen (of) drilling power”, the Epiroc DM30 XC was originally released in March 2022 and has a single-pass depth of 8.5m and maximum hole depth of 45.1m.

It also boasts a 9.1 m drill pipe change and can handle drill pipe sizes ranging from 102 mm to 159 mm and a weight on bit of 20,000kg.

Now, the drill rig has been enhanced to include advanced lubrication systems, reinforced components, and improved safety features like the upgraded jack screw or the tower-locking reinforcement.

The new features intend to extend the work life of the rig while minimising maintenance requirements, leading to increased operational efficiencies and reducing downtime and peace of mind for operators.

“We are excited to unveil these substantial upgrades to the DM30 XC blasthole drill rig,” Epiroc product line manager production blasthole Maxim Maklakov said.

“With improved safety and efficiency, a lower carbon footprint, and an extended working life, the DM30 XC remains an infallible asset for mining operations worldwide.”

Epiroc ADS (advanced drainage systems) engineering manager James Cai said the new features for the DM30 XC is an example of Epiroc’s dedication to safety and sustainability.

“At Epiroc, our unwavering commitment to listening to our customers and responding to their needs drives us to continuously innovate and deliver the most advanced and sustainable solutions available in the industry,” Cai said. “The DM30 XC is no exception.”

Yesterday, it was announced that Epiroc would acquire the remaining 66 per cent of ASI Mining, a subsidiary of Autonomous Solutions Inc. and a leading provider of mining automation systems.